Demoulder   TF   23   allows   green   pieces   demoulding,   ortogonally   to   the   bench.   Demoulder   is   self   moving   on   the   floor,   and   with   a   180° rotation pick piece in mould on casting bench and after opening puts it on deposit bench.                               This   demoulder   is   characterized   by   having   all   movements   perfectly   symmetric   avoiding   in   this   way   problems   on   green   pieces   if   big   or with   particular   shapes.    Demoulder   TF   23   can   move   itself   along   casting   bench,   the   rotation   is   done   with   an   axys   parallel   to   the   casting bench,   it   moves   forward   to   pick   mould   with   piece   in.   A   couple   of   electro   magnets   makes   the   picking   system.   Chain   system   and   a pneumatic   cylinder   do   extraction   of   piece   by   mould.   All   the   movements   are   done   by   gearmotors,   with   inverter   on   electrical   board.   This system   allows   smooth   movements   and   progressive   braking   before   stop.   A   PLC   is   installed   into   the   control   board   of   the   demoulder,   a system of proximity switches and speed control allows the management of the system. TF 23 manipulator is fully compliant with Garoll LEM machine and can perfectly substitute is. TF23 machine is fully automatic, is CE marked, si fully compliant with similar machine and can perfectly substitute itsaving modellery. Machine is compliant with 4.0 Industry Program and can be linked to Tracksan system See more on Demoulder TF23
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The module consists of: Supporting bench mould tilted hydraulically System of lower frames for supporting the mould on the lower bench Demoulder      to      bride      pistons      with      manual      handling      facilitated      by counterweights Demoulder   for   pieces   automatic   type   with   electric   motors   and   actuators   driven by an inverter (LEM) allows the extraction and rotation of the mould Casting   plant   using   PVC   piping,   valves   and   power   distribution   layer   stainless steel tanks and accessories for use (taps, probes etc.). Empty plant with side channel blowers and adjustable pressure valve. Electric control panel, protection and control cycle casting.
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CIIsc S.r.l. Via Michelangelo, 4 Civita Castellana (VT) ITALY 01033                            TEL.: +39 0761518283 Email: